• check out 11AM. check in 3PM
  • smoke in your mini-apt nor balcony.  100USD penalty
  • tell us if there are any problems with your mini-apt
WhatsApp QR

WhatsApp: +57 304 4587643 

  • enter visitors to your your mini-apt. Permitted only in public areas. 
  • scan to connect to our high speed wi-fi

Password: b3m1n1m4l

  • parties and pump out the tunes after 10pm (travelers resting)
  • ask for change your sheets and towels

fee 8USD

  • leave your pets alone 
  • ask for cleaning up your mini-apt. Change of sheets and towels is included.

fee 15USD

  • slam the doors. Close it gently
  • use your pc, tablet or phone to mirror screens with the TV
  • leave the windows open when you leave your mini-apt. Rain is unpredictable
  • recyclable white bag, organics green bag, wastes black bag
  • use the garbage shoot. For the white bags, leave them on the right side of the elevator.
  • keep you value items in the safe box on your mini-apt
  • grab a coffee in river town café and visit Parques del Río.


  • At beminimal we reserve the right of admission and permanence in the property
  • We reject prostitution and any type of sexual exploitation or abuse. 
  • Minors’ entry to beminimal is restricted, except to those accompanied by their parents, or persons acting with legal authority